Commercial child care is one of our economies largest service sectors.  This 50 billion dollar a year industry touches every corner of the nation and has steadily evolved for more than forty years.  Today, the fastest growing segment of child care is being driven by the emerging drop-in and flexible day care business models. Kidz Watch® and its founder, Julie Anne MacKinnon, are one of the country’s very early pioneers in this style of child care.

When one looks at the development of other service sectors such as fast food or auto maintenance, what stands out is the continual refinement of the business models to better meet the needs and desires of the customer.  Commercial child care is following the same pattern.  Modern families have a variety of non-traditional child care needs.  The locally-based, professional drop-in child care facility meets urgent needs of families in every community in every part of our country.  Unlike the aforementioned food and auto service industries which are saturated with competing brands and services, the drop-in child care space is wide open for development.  Kidz Watch® is the trusted brand to help you bring this very personal service to families in your community.

When you open a drop-in style child-care center in your town, you immediately address an unfulfilled service for your market.  The most important factor for your success is that you are knowledgeable and prepared from day one.  Where children and families are concerned, positive experiences and confidence in service are crucial for your customer base.  Let Kidz Watch® – the trusted and established drop-in provider, with licensees all across the country – help you become the first and best drop-in style child care operator in your community!  Contact us to learn more.